Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 Portable

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 (homepage) is a free office suite that offers a number of features for creating, viewing and editing personal and business documents. Kingsoft Office Free 2012 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft spreadsheets. These three reliable and versatile programs are perfect for both personal use at home and for professional businesses. They offer outstanding value at their listed cost compared to competing office programs.

Kingsoft free office software suite is compatible with all of the latest Microsoft Office file formats. It can easily open, read and write documents created with Microsoft Office as well as a wide variety of other formats. Microsoft Office can also open Kingsoft Office files without having Kingsoft Office installed on the same computer. It is fully compatible with Windows 7 (32bit,64bit).


  • Free word processing, Spreadsheets and presentation software for your professional and personal needs.
  • Built-in PDF converter, automatic spell check
  • Highly compatible with the Microsoft Office
  • Looks like Microsoft Office 2003, feels like Microsoft Office 2010
  • And more…

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 Portable is packed as a portable app by It has all the same feature Kingsoft Office Suite Free has, plus it leave no persional data behind. When you move from computer to computer, drive letters are automaticly updated. So you can carry your favorite Office suite with you and continue your work every where.


Download from:

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  1. message:

    Another instance of KingsoftOfficePortable is currently closing. Please wait for it to finish before launching it again

    whether the program can close faster ?
    and if you can upload the source code PAL ?
    thanks 🙂

  2. I’m grateful for this information. You have presented your viewpoints in an interesting, unique and insightful way. I’ve read other writings on this subject matter that were dull and boring. Your article is very interesting.

  3. 我写了一个便携版office快速关联文件的方法,希望对大家有用:
    @echo off
    setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion

    set officeloc=C:\PortableApps\MicrosoftOffice2007Portable

    set word=MicrosoftOfficeWordPortable.exe
    set excel=MicrosoftOfficeExcelPortable.exe
    set powerpoint=MicrosoftOfficePowerPointPortable.exe

    assoc .doc=docfile
    assoc .docx=docfile
    assoc .xls=xlsfile
    assoc .xlsx=xlsfile
    assoc .ppt=pptfile
    assoc .pptx=pptfile
    ftype docfile=”%officeloc%\%word%” “%%1″ %%*
    ftype xlsfile=”%officeloc%\%excel%” “%%1″ %%*
    ftype pptfile=”%officeloc%\%powerpoint%” “%%1” %%*